Have you always wanted to try to recreate some competition BBQ recipes? Well here’s your chance to learn how to make the tenderest ribs, the tastiest chicken, and the best brisket you’ve ever eaten. I got this book, Competition BBQ Secrets, as a gift earlier this summer and have been having a great time working my way through it. My family has been my happily willing taste testers. I love to grill and thought I did a pretty good job, but this set of recipes and instructions has inspired me to try some new techniques that have taken my grilling to a whole new level and shown me the difference between pretty good and the best.

I have to say this book is more of an instruction manual than cookbook. It is, of course, chock full of great recipes that will make your mouth water, but what sets it apart from most cookbooks is that it really explains how to do things and why they’re important. What good is a terrific BBQ sauce or marinade if you don’t understand how they should be used and how to cook the meat so that it is at it’s tastiest and juiciest?

They give you all the details like:

? How to cook ribs, butts, chickens and brisket. They’re each done differently and each has it’s own chapter.

? Different types of cookers and how to smoke on anything from a fancy professional offset smoker to your charcoal kettle grill.

? How to smoke the very best turkey.

? How wood choice makes a difference in your smoked flavor and which one is best for what you’re cooking.

? Marinades, brines, injections to improve your barbecue recipes.

? Rubs, how to use them and what they do.

The techniques and recipes in Competition BBQ Secrets were developed for BBQ competitions, but the book is written with the backyard griller in mind so that you can use their methods to cook your own competition BBQ for your family and friends. In case you are interested in getting into the BBQ circuit there’s a section with some great information on competitions, how to prepare for competitions, and even a checklist of what to bring to a competition and of course a slew of competition BBQ recipes to use!

I love to try out new recipes on the grill and enjoy searching out new gadgets and recipes to use. Competition BBQ secrets is just one of my great finds. Stop by my website http://rstonehouse.com/giftreview to see what else I’ve found this week to make your grilling even tastier.

Author: Larsen Markston
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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